Photo Diary: Snow Camping in Gothic Basin

alpenglow on del campo.jpg

Last month we experienced an unseasonably dry and sunny November for Washington. Weekend after weekend the forecast called for clear skies and mild temperatures, so on November 17 Alex and I and a group of new friends took advantage of the weather with a snow camping trip to a place that’s been on our radar since we moved here: Gothic Basin. The hike to Gothic Basin is about five miles with 3,000’ of elevation gain. The views along the trail were spectacular but the real treat was getting to spend time at an icy Foggy Lake, which sits below statuesque Del Campo and Gothic Peak.

We arrived in mid-afternoon, set up camp, and relaxed before witnessing a beautiful winter sunset; alpenglow lit up the peak of Del Campo and the western sky turned a vibrant pink. We were also blessed with a full moon and I have to say, while the Milky Way is certainly glorious, there is something ethereal about a landscape illuminated by the glow of a full moon, especially a snowy landscape!

A few weeks have passed since this trip and winter has decidedly begun in the mountains, so we are patiently waiting for another chance to head out into the backcountry for our second snow camping trip of the season!