Photo Diary: Mt. Baker Winter Camping

Mt Baker Winter Camping-22.jpg

Last Friday Alex, a few friends, and I ventured to the Mt. Baker wilderness to do some winter camping. The forecast called for overcast conditions with possible overnight snow flurries but instead we were treated to the most perfect bluebird day. Since we were heading out on a Friday afternoon there were very few people out on the trail and we were able to get our pick of campsites. We arrived at Artist Point with plenty of daylight to spare so we continued on and set up camp at the spectacularly scenic Huntoon Point that offers an unparalleled view of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan. We stayed up late (by camp standards) and drank hot chocolate mixed with Chartreuse while we talked and laughed and planned future adventures. The night was a frigid one with the temperature dipping into the mid-teens but a few hours after the sun rose we were baking and I was wishing I had some of the chill left that I felt just a few hours prior.