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Backpacking 101: Winter Hiking Guide

Usually during the winter months I have the urge to retreat into the coziness of my apartment, but there is something about a snow-covered landscape that brings me such joy and so, even though I’d like to stay in, I head out! In past years I’ve gone on a skiing or winter camping trip about once a month, but this year I’ve made a concerted effort to go on as many winter hikes as the weather allows.

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Backpacking 101: Personal Hygiene in the Backcountry

Back with another addition to my Backpacking 101 series! This time we're going to talk about personal hygiene. How clean (or dirty) you want to be in the backcountry is entirely up to you, and possibly how much stench your companions are willing to endure. Some people love to embrace the dirtiness but others like to try to stay as fresh as possible. This post will include some tips you can choose to follow or ignore based on where you fall on the cleanliness spectrum!

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Backpacking 101: 10 Blunders to Avoid on Your First Backpacking Trip

Since I get many questions from readers asking how they can begin backpacking I've decided to put together a "Backpacking 101" series where I will share posts that will hopefully make the overwhelming process of getting into backpacking just a bit more manageable. Last week I shared all of the gear I use backpacking and this week I will share all of the mistakes that are easy for beginning backpackers to make so you can avoid them! 

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Backpacking 101: My Backpacking Gear

One of the more frequently asked questions I receive is "What gear do you take backpacking?" My gear closet is a constant evolution, I'm always trying new pieces (I still am not sure I have found a water filtering system I love) and upgrading old, heavy gear I bought when I first started backpacking. However, I know how overwhelming it can be when you walk into REI to buy backpacking gear for the first time only to discover the store feels like a bottomless pit and wait, there are how many different tents?!

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