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What's in My Camera Bag?

The question I am asked the most, without a doubt, is "what camera do you use?" so I decided it was time to create a blog post to answer that question. Keep in mind that I tried to keep this post informative yet succinct, so I won't be getting into the nitty gritty technical details about this gear. There are many websites who dedicate themselves to just that and do a much more thorough job than I could ever hope to do. This post is simply going to answer that ever-so-popular question and explain why I personally like and chose the gear I did.

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Night Photography 101

Night photography is my favorite type of photography. I find it the most challenging and therefore also the most rewarding. It requires me to brave the elements, forgo a proper night of sleep, and face my fears of scary unknown noises in the great outdoors past sundown.

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5 Must Make Stops in Ireland

I visited Ireland last June with my mom. I was interested in buying a Groupon through Great Value Vacations (this is currently the most similar to the option I chose) and told my mom I was thinking of going whether or not I had someone to go with. She didn't like the idea of me going alone so she decided to join me and I'm so glad she did because we had an unforgettable trip.

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